Safer Clubbing at Night Network (SCAN NET) Limited

SCAN NET is the Safer Clubbing at Night Network.

It’s a network of over 1000 subscribing venues, who work together with 2.5 million members of the public, who each month , volunteer to have their ID’s scanned to create safer nights out.
We want to just say THANK YOU to the public for putting safety first.

You are awesome!

About us

Safer Clubbing at Night Network (SCAN NET) Limited is the body which manages the technology behind the Safer Clubbing At Night Network alert system; it is separate to the software operators and designers of the ID scanning system of the same name and is independent of the operators of SCAN NET ID scanning systems.

Safer Clubbing at Night Network (SCAN NET) Limited offers advice to members and users and ensures that members and users are signed up to best practice and fulfil their obligations under the SCAN NET information Sharing Agreement,

It is not responsible for support or sales relating to the ID scanning functions of the SCAN NET system. Please visit www.nightclub.co.uk for these types of enquiries.

SCAN NET will soon be applying for charitable status in recognition of the commitment to reducing crime and disorder in the night-time economy,




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How does the technology behind the alerts work?

Find out in our video below.


Direct downloads of our drivers, software updates, White papers, etc…

White papers

 Watford borough council on scannet vs. Crime
Article published by the Watford Council on how our systems reduce crime in Watford.

 SCAN NET reduces crime |  Watch
Read how our systems help reducing the crime in the UK.

 False ID guidance
Quick guide provided by the Home Office.

 How we reduced crime by a quarter
Newquay safe partnership annual evaluation day police report 2012.

 Kingston First
For a safer night out

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